Stay Up-to-date

Requires.io monitors the requirements of your project and notify you whenever a dependency is outdated.

All notifications are opt-in, so you only ever get what you sign-up for.

Changelog in 1-click

Just click on the icons next to your requirements to see the changelogs.

Stay Secure

Tracking security updates for all the dependencies of a project can quickly become tedious. Thankfully we are doing this work for you, so that you can focus on your project instead of manually tracking changelogs.

Latest public projects

Project Branch Badge
kubeshop/testkube nicolae/fix/obfuscate-secrets-in-logs
Ananto30/cap-em requires-io-main
code-orange/django-cdstack master
jojojo8359/neonmob-set-db main
h3llrais3r/Auto-Subliminal renovate/importlib-metadata-4.x

Opt-in Notifications


We provide snippets of code (in Markdown, Textile, RDoc, Html and reStructuredText) ready to be copy-pasted in your project's README file.

Email Digests

Easily control the scope (outdated or insecure) and frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) to avoid getting too many emails!

Pull Requests

GitHub users can opt-in to receiving pull-requests: instead of manually bumping your requirements, just accept the pull-request.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Link your account

Log into requires.io using either GitHub or Bitbucket, so that we can link to your account.

You will be asked for write permissions: this is so that we can setup web hooks to keep track of your project updates, but also to push pull-requests if you opt-in for this feature.

2. Activate your projects

Requires.io looks for dependencies in the files matching:

  • setup.py,
  • req*.txt or req*.pip,
  • requirements/*.txt or requirements/*.pip,
  • buildout.cfg, versions.cfg,
  • tox.ini,
  • Pipfile, Pipfile.lock.

A paid subscription is needed for private projects.

3. Setup notifications

Requires.io proposes three types of notifications, all opt-in:

  • badges,
  • emails,
  • pull-requests (GitHub only).