is a web service to monitor the dependencies of your Python projects.

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Opt-in Notifications



We provide snippets of code (in Markdown, Textile, RDoc, Html and reStructuredText) ready to be copy-pasted in your project's README file.

Email Digests

Easily control the scope (outdated or insecure) and frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) to avoid getting too many emails!

Pull Requests

GitHub users can opt-in to receiving pull-requests: instead of manually bumping your requirements, just accept the pull-request.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Link your account

Log into using either GitHub or Bitbucket, so that we can link to your account.

You will be asked for write permissions: this is so that we can setup web hooks to keep track of your project updates, but also to push pull-requests if you opt-in for this feature.

2. Activate your projects looks for dependencies in the files matching:

  • req*.txt or req*.pip,
  • requirements/*.txt or requirements/*.pip.

A paid subscription is needed for private projects.

3. Setup notifications proposes three type of notifications, all opt-in thanks to our anti-obnoxious bebavior policy:

  • badges,
  • emails,
  • pull-requests (GitHub only).