Free 15-day trial Free 15-day trial Free 15-day trial
Any GitHub, Bitbucket or API account GitHub or Bitbucket individual account GitHub Organization or Bitbucket Team API account
Unlimited collaborators
Unlimited public repositories
0 private repositories Unlimited private repositories
No site monitoring Unlimited production & integration site monitoring (extra $5/month)

How do I cancel my plan ?

Just go to your plan settings and click on the cancel button. No phone call, no hassle, it just works.

Which plan do I need ?

In order to activate a repository on, the owner of the repository needs a subscription. Let say you want to track the dependencies of the repository foo/bar, then foo needs to subscribe to the appropriate plan:

  • Free Plan if foo/bar is a public repository;
  • Indie Plan if foo is a GitHub or BitBucket individual account;
  • Business Plan if foo is a GitHub Organization or a Bitbucket Team.

If you are not using Bitbucket or GitHub, or do not want to grant us access to your repositories, you need to subscribe to an Enterprise account. You can then send us your requirements by using the api.